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The top 10 Mail server software for your online business needs

by in server on Wed December 9, 2020, 23:12 (#14)

This mail serves is available in two editions : Professional and Essential. The professional edition is provided an extensive set of features, such as POP3, HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, NNTP, webmail, anti-spam service. These features allow also direct synchronization to allow the use of this mail server on mobile phones, such as BlackBerry, iPhone and similar devices. The Essential version has only basic POP3, SMTP and mailbox functions, but these functions are enough for basic users. There is also free version of this Mail server, it is called Maltraq4Home, but it has a very limited number of users and set of functions, though for home use it is also enough. All mails are stored in a database. Each mailbox has a dedicated pair of files. A SQL database stores all mailboxes in a separate file. This mail server has a high level of security and anti-spam protection, that makes it a good solution for office and home use.

This mail server was designed at a university in Delaware in 1970. Sure it has had many changes since that, and these changes have made it into a powerful mail server with high level of security. MMDF handles mails in a different way than other similar servers. Its specific software and configuration is limited to choices in existing rewriting opportunities, but this way the configuration becomes simpler for administering and more reliable when speaking about security. The main types of tables are: domain tables, channel tables and alias tables. So, a message which comes to MMDF has the following path: a channel gets the message, then a program (submit) feeds the message, stores its text, does the necessary rewriting. Then another program (deliver) processes the message, each channel delivers the message to recipients, then deliver updates the addresses, to which the message was delivered and removes the message. This seems to be a rather difficult and long process, but this way you can be sure that you ca use this server securely.


This is a commercial mail server designed by Linux so it offers mail solutions for Linux and Unix software. as it is a commercial solution, it works only in agreement with conditions of a commercial licence. It serves three main functions: E-mail server – is designed to leverage the open source projects and to provide easy management via a user-friendly control panel; Webmail Client – offers a full mail platform solution; Groupware - it provides a complete web-based client, supports of share calendars and so on; Appliance – a solution for enterprises, customized for running the pre-installed Email Server Software; Mail Cloud – it is a good solution for small and medium businesses, also it is a response to other cloud solutions, such as Google Apps, Microsoft. For now this mail serves is mostly used by large businesses, as it is a commercial product which has all the necessary features for a big organization. But use it for a small business or at home is rather not reasonable.


hMailServer is a product created for Windows, so it works on this operational system. It is a free products that includes main administration tools for backup and management. It supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP. it also uses engines like MySQL, in order to store the configurations, but the email messages on themselves are stored on a disc with direct support. also common features are present, so you can enjoy domain support, catch-all, basic mailing, aliases, mailing lists and so on. hMailServer also has a very reliable anti-spam protection. it also provides such features as domain and account signatures, server side rules, messages retrieval, plus addressing, attachment blocking, SMTP routes for some domains, APi, SSL support. One of the main advantages of this software is that user can chose on their own what features shall be implemented in their software by using a voting system. In any case this software is a goob solution both for home and for any kind of business.


MagicMail is a mail server designed for tier-2 internet service provider. It runs on a LinuxMagic operating system and uses open source technologies combined with its own technologies. This mail serves supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3 protocols, it s provided by anti-virus and anti-spam features, besides it can support the newest billing solutions and assist CALEA compliance. The commercial version gives an opportunity for unlimited user licences what is very convenient for big enterprises. For home use it is possible to use simpler versions. Webmail has two versions: for Tuxedo and Webmail Life. The first version is developed for high volume environments, the second one uses SSL connections with calendar, spell-checker and other tools in minimalistic design. So the user can chose a version that is more convenient for you.

Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server is a product designed by Microsoft. it consist of mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts, it works with Outlook, wireless mail synchronization. Microsoft Exchange Server runs on PC and Mac, with major mobile devices, it also supports data storage and many other newest features. It is provided with a number of filters, such as: connection filter - for blocking messages from manually supported IP addresses; recipient filter – for stopping spammers from guessing addresses; sender ID filtering;–intelligent message filter - block suspicious messages or directs them to Junk Mail Folder in Outlook. It is available in Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Standard Edition has limits for stored volume, number of users and some features. The Enterprise Edition allows a bigger variety of services and features which will be extremely convenient for big enterprises.


Postfix is a free mail server that is used for routing and delivery of electronic mails. It is fast, easy and secure. It is released under a free licence, so anybody can use it. Postfix offers: high level of security; support of SMTP ad advanced filtering (the software is able to check not only the body of mail, but also its meta-information, such as sender, recipient, helo, client); different data bases, such as CDB, LDAP, SGLite and other; Virtual domains; address rewriting; compatibility with many operational systems, especially operational systems developed on Linux base. Postfix has a high protection level of protection against buffer overflows, so it can manage high volumes of emails. It can also work on different daemons. Each daemon uses minimum privileges when it is fulfilling a task, this way the impact is limited only to that daemon and cannot affect the entire system. That provides a higher level of security to the system.

Smail 3

Smail 3 is a mail server that works on Unix operation systems. It is a free software and can be used under the GNU GPL licence, thought it is not a solution of Free Software Foundation. It is used for checking mails and routing between networks. It has been for a long time a very popular mail server but now there are serious competitors, such as Exim for example. Smail 3 also allows a monolithic design though it is considered a less secure one. In this case the program runs with full system privileges, so in case of virus the whole system is affected. Despite f this the security of this mail serves is on a very high level. It has the main mailing functions so is good for use at home and in small enterprises.

Synovel Collabsuite

Synovel Collabsuite is a free mail server that works on Linux operating system that support not only mailing, but also calendaring and chat. It has anti-spam protection, anti-–virus protection. You can use it via Desktop, internet, mobile, so it is convenient as supports many devices. Besides, here you can use also calendaring features, contact list, instant messenger on multiply platform, system of archiving, mobile emailing, internet administration panel. it is an open source mail server, you can use it under the terms of a number of licences, mostly Mozilla tri-licence. It works with any client, there is no need in a vendor lock-in. It is good for home use and for businesses. Besides, its high level of customization ability allows you to make it unique according to your needs.


Sendmail is a mail server that provides message processing, mail transfer, mail delivery, supports SMTP and email transport over the internet. It is free source software designed for Unix-like operation systems. This mail server was created long time ago, when the question of internet security was not a problem, that is why early versions suffered from a number of security vulnerabilities, but in later versions they were taken into consideration and removed. Nowadays this server has a high level of security and supports mail transfer protocols, such as SMTP, ESMPT, HylaFax, UUCP. Sendmail provides support for Open Source MTA users. In latest versions is introduced the support of mitlters. So, as you can see, it is a good solution for home use and for businesses too.
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