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Serverstalk: Story Submissions

Do you have a story for Here is where you can submit your story so our editors can take a look at it. If the story is relevant and with good information we may perhaps post it for all to share and enjoy it.

Keep in mind that is very important to write a clear simple subject and you should include relevant links in your story. Is not required to fill in the identifying fields, you can be anonymous. But remember you must logged in to submit a story. You can login in here, (remember is free to sign up). Even if you are login you can still be anonymous.

Start sharing your knowledge with the world is totally free to do so. Join our community today!


Submit Stories Guidelines

Ready to submit your story to Keep in mind the following guidelines to increase your chance of being accepted, plus your readers will enjoy more reading your story:

Clear and Simple Stories

Here at serverstalk we appreciate simplicity, so make your story short, clear and to the point. If you include your opinion please let your readers know is your opinion.

Original Content

We do not allow to copy and paste other people’s work. Create your own content.If your story refers to an original work, please provide the link and the source.

Check your Story

Is always a good idea to double check your story before you submit it, make sure to test all the links as well.

Submit your Story One Time

If our editors do not approve your story please don’t submit again the same story.

English Only is an English website so don´t post in other language.